Nafise Motlaq

Nafise Motlaq is an Iranian documentary photographer and Journalism senior lecturer at University Putra Malaysia. She worked for newspapers as a photojournalist since she left Iran in Nov.2004. So far her photographs, multimedia, and video reportages have been exhibited in several group exhibitions and published in numerous international media.

Her first photo book titled “A Given Path” was published in Malaysia in 2010 and has been selected as the best 50 titles for international rights. In this photo book, Nafise has captured the details, religious significance and cultural diversity of Malaysian Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus in the rituals they practice from birth to death in four equal chapters.

Nafise’s major interest in photography is women issues, interfaith dialogue and human rights. “Iranian Fathers and Daughters” is her recent project that covered by numerous international media and awarded in three photo competitions. In this project, she has exposed the diversity of Iran culture with focusing on father-daughter relationship in various class of society.


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