Mahen Bala



Mahen Bala is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A careful, methodical observer, his works focuses on the human identity and it’s relation to the environment, both natural and artificial.

The Tokyo collection is the result of a lifelong dream to visit the city that has amazed him through books and films for decades. His chance finally came when one of his short films was selected to compete at the one of the world’s largest short film festivals to be held in Japan.

He is currently working on Present Tense Media, an online media platform that focuses on researching and documenting Malaysian issues with a special focus on culture, heritage and history. His current project, Datuk Gong, explores the little known world of spirits and mysticism in a long term initiative to research and document the ancient cult of worshipping the land spirit in a form that only exists in Malaysia.


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