The Vallette Gallery is proud to host a one of a kind virtual Photography exhibition entitled “ Eidos & Thanatos” an eminent Japanese artist based in Chiba.He is one of the most talented photographers of his generation.His unique world, with poetic, mythical, and deep spiritual sensitivity will take you to a different Level of reflection. We believe Kowa Ikeuchi commitment, faith, passion and hard work will continue to create new chapters in his life and career.

From March 24th 2022 – come and connect with the Exhibition – Eidos & Thanatos by Kowa Ikeuchi


Vallette Gallery represents Malaysian and international artists in paintings, sculptures, photographies, and art installations, and is looking to build a trusting and strong relationship between artists, art lovers, and friends.

In Kuala Lumpur, Vallette Gallery is promoting Malaysian artists in Malaysia as the first step of recognition in their own country, but also making a point of showcasing the artwork in France, in order to expose the most established Malaysian artists in Europe. Valette Gallery also aims to offer a forum for contemporary art, presenting works by both emerging young Malaysian artists and international artists. Vallette Gallery seeks not only to back current events that bring communities together, but more importantly become a centre for art lovers. The gallery encourages creative excellence by providing an environment for communication, expertise, sharing, and mentoring within the community of artists.

“We are looking to Malaysian and Asian art to create a real platform between continents and promote art in all its different forms, and we believe that providing a unique

art experience to our visitors is essential. Our exhibitions, social events, and art talks give them an insight into the contemporary Malaysian and international art market. Vallette Gallery is committed to building a new momentum within the Malaysian art scene, by showing works of art that can expand horizons, open minds, and view the world and life in general through different eyes. Art is not just decoration for our walls, but a connection with our deep inner selves and the world around us.”

Patrice Vallette, 

Founder and Director of Vallette Gallery

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