Arttalk Evening:


03 March 2015: Arttalk Evening: "Art history to reality"
February sees urban artist turned studio artist Donald Abraham exhibiting, with friends, at the Vallette Gallery, Jalan Bruas, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur. Recently featured in Vallette Gallery’s Absolut Vodka ‘Andy Warhol bottle’ launch, (Sabah born) Donald Abraham has been assiduously working in a variety of media to remind us all of the artistic merit intrinsically inherent in the free expression of what has become known as “Urban Art”. In the exciting new exhibition, Ahmad Fauzan bin Fuad; Azar Osman, Donald Abraham and Mohd Anuar bin Mustapa continue to re-define contemporary Malaysian art with influences gleaned from their passions; skateboarding, comic books and Urban art from around the world. What we now call “Urban Art” has variously been dubbed “Graffiti” or “Street Art”, and has been praised or damned accordingly in equal measure. Over time the concept of “Urban Art” has developed from its innate illicit nature, into being officially recognised as authentic and fresh artistic insights.