Mohammad Rahimi 
Established Artist - Iran 

Born in 1980, Rahimi grew up in Tehran where he currently resides.

He began pursuing his career as an artist starting at university where he studied painting.

Rahimi’s works focus on an abstract expression and surrealist style.

His selection of works on EMERGEAST are a series of watercolour and ink artworks.

Well known in the Iranian art scene, Rahimi has exhibited extensively in Iran as well as across the globe including France, USA, UAE and South Korea.

Mohammad was chosen as one of fourteen of Iran’s most notable painters in 2007 and traveled to Washington D.C. to display his art in the Meridian Exhibition hosted by then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in an effort to use artistic and cultural exchanges to foster better relations with Iran.

Mohammad’s achievements and accolades are impressive and include solo exhibitions throughout Iran and the Middle East as well as group exhibitions in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Morocco and South Korea. His work includes various themes such as powerful images about life in Iran pre-revolution and darker paintings depicting Tehran in 2009 as a rebellion was violently crushed by the government. He also expresses his deep love for his country’s natural beauty through figurative paintings of animals and landscapes. Indeed, his paintings are full of underlying themes and messages as well as being aesthetically stimulating to the eye.

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