Faizal Suhif 
Emerging Artist - Malaysia 

I have an intense interest in the natural world and in the detail of organic things. I am fascinated by the interplay of order and randomness that is found where man and nature meet.

My work combines the textural qualities of textile and printmaking processes, including mono prints, naturally it sourced from mark making.

My artwork reflects a particular subject that closed to my heart. I have depicted isolated areas of scene which seem floating, silent, dark and gloomy.

It also feature unusual viewpoint by depicts a pattern of soil and floating seeds lurking within. There are images of seeds from different plant types. Its function is to learn the knowledge of God that gives us sustenance and greatness that there are times comes from just a tiny seed. A thousand seeds can be sown but there won’t be a thousand plants growing, shooting from t he earth. Each effort given, are also a test to our faith.

To me, this also tests the ability of our appreciation towards art and nature.By exploring the possibilities of mark making. I travelled to Indonesia, Beijing and some places in Malaysia to find accidental marking and textures from a cement surface, wall textures, trees and pedestrian. It was interesting journey because each place gives a different marking. I'm working with the marks that can be achieved by laying items onto canvas and the very practical technique is by rubbing and rolling ink into the surface. Some of it, I left with some exquisite marks that are a curious mixture of planning and randomness which something I feels underlies so much of my work.