Chiang Shih Wen 
Established Artist - Malaysia 

“Juxtaposition”, an integration of light ,colour and space,is the theme for a Malacca-born,full time artist’s…..Chiang Shih Wen ,who has been painting for more 30 years ,is well-know for his works on the environment.

This prolific artist believes that painting is an evolution, and art must break away from rigid rules to make way for freedom of expression .This artist prefers outdoor paintings to enable him to study and play with the shadow and light as compared to indoor paintings.

Influenced by renowned painters like Van Goh ,Renoir and other 20 th century artists ,Chiang prefers to use oil ,acrylic and watercolours.

Today ,his work integrate the elements of light ,colour and space to vividly create layers that accommodate much more of the subject in view.

His passion for the portrayal of buildings ,together with skillfull integration of the three elements has brought forth an art collection that views the environment from a totally new light.