Amir Hivand  
Established Artist - Iran 

Amir Hivand born in March 1982 (Esfand 1360)

Lived in Shiraz all his childhood till graduating from Art School; he entered Shiraz Calligraphy Society, and painting free classes from early ages and at the same time practiced music seriously.

During his education gained the first place in painting and calligraphy in Shiraz Province and the whole country for several times, then after a few years, he was graduated from Calligraphy Society with Momtaz Degree, and following several painting exhibitions  in Group, he was also graduated from Shahid Avini Art School of Shiraz in Graphic.

He continued his education in painting in Tehran University, Faculty of Architecture & Art in 2001, and continued to work establishing group exhibitions and participating in specialized workshops in design and painting under supervising of professors such as Reza Lavasani, Saed Farsi Hosseinali Zabehi, Abdolhamid Pazooki….

He was active as an art expert in different galleries such as Jahan nama Gallery-Niavaran Palace, and Beautiful Arts Gallery-Saadabad Palace; From 2004, eight years of teaching in Tehran Jahad e Daneshgahi, Faculty of Applied Science is included in his working experience.

After Military Service, and simultaneous with his painting career, he entered the Visual Merchandising field and started to design and display fast fashion brands. At the moment he achieved individual exhibition in Mah Gallery and group exhibitions in many galleries like Hoor, Haftsamar,… he also worked on a few wall paintings ordered by municipalities in Javadieh and Navab region, and private orders  of wall calligraphy for hotels in Tehran and Mashad.