Ahmad Fauzan Bin Fuad 
Emerging Artist - Malaysia 

Fauzan Fuad, Born in April 8, 1987, Malaysia. Currently stay at Kuala Lumpur since 2006, from Kluang, Johor. 27 years old, full-time artist. I start serious in paint was 2 years ago when i have met the first person that always encourage me a lot to paint even until now, Donald Abraham, and i've studied with the veteran Artist, Yusof Gajah for a year.I am a self-taught artist, and most of my painting I present about my expressions related to my real life, the people, every subjects around me, interest, imaginations, ideology, with in my perspectives to give the good and bad deed of me at the best, back into the world for livery use it on their own best way to apply to their own life . I am 12 years experienced skateboarder and still skating for my passion sports and lifestyle, currently sponsored by KROOKZ skateshop, Thieves Skateboards Company and Macbeth Shoes Company.